Thinking about Boston…..

My Dears,

Tomorrow, April 15, marks one year since the Boston Bombings.  The mainstream media are winding up now to review the horror of that terrible event and discuss the fallout.

That has gotten me thinking about Boston – that buzzy town that has so much going on.  I’ve visited several times, most recently a month ago, and spent a chunk of that time in and around the famous Copley Square area.  I’d like to share with you some enriching and inexpensive things to do and see there.

If you have two feet and enjoy walking around cities as I do, you can start your tour at Copley Square (FREE).  We already know that the finish line of the Boston Marathon is there (has been since 1986). Named for the artist, John Singleton Copley, it is a lively spot filled most days with students, folks taking a break from work, and tourists (like me). Twice a week between May and November, the square is filled with the stalls, sights and smells of a farmer’s market.  Just the spot to pick up some fresh flowers for your hotel room (CHEAP) and maybe some picnic stuffs (CHEAP & LOCAL!).  And, did you know that the square is surrounded by an outstanding number of archetectural works?  It is!  Trinity Church (c1877), the Old South Church (c1873), The John Hancock Tower (c1977) and the Boston Public Library (c1895)…. to name a few.  

Speaking of the Boston Public Library, here’s a gem you just shouldn’t miss.  Admission is FREE.  The library is the second oldest publicly funded library in the US. You can tag along on a guided Art & Architecture Tour (FREE), or explore on your own.  But whatever you do, don’t miss the open-air courtyard.  I bet you’ll be temped to pick up a coffee, sit in the quiet sunshine…and tap into the library’s wifi and catch up a bit, as I did.  Check out to find out about tour schedules as well as find dates and times for (FREE) open-air concerts in the courtyard!  Does it get any better?

Copley Square is boarded along one side by Boylston Street.  And one street over is Newbury Street.  Both streets are terriffic for shopping, either actually…or window shopping.  I walked up one and down the other.  Everything from upmarket brands, to boutiques, to art galleries, to restaurants, pubs & coffee shops.


All in all, a delightful, easy walk with tons to see and do.  All in a very small corner of Boston.  I’ll tell you of some other favourite spots another day.  But for now, while the world is dwelling on the sadness of a year ago…..consider visiting the area.  It has SO much good to offer!

Cheers for now,