Iron Grid

There are many famous bridges.  The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, Tower Bridge in London and the Confederation Bridge (to PEI) come immediately to my mind. But the Brooklyn Bridge must be among the most iconic of bridges.  This “grid-y” photo was taken during our visit to NYC last November …… When I checked off a bucket list item, and marched across the Brooklyn Bridge and back again.  It was fabulous!! (And very busy) 

WPC – Grid


The September Garden …

Glorious September!  The queen of the harvest season.  The potatoes and garlic have already been dug, cured and stored, but there are plenty of fruit and veg to tend to.  

We have been enjoying the cukes for about a month already, but they still keep coming…. And coming. Mmmmmmmmm!

How does that song go? “There are two things in life that money can’t buy – that’s true love and home grown tomatoes!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Artic Kiwi is almost ready.  The trick will be getting them before the birds do. They are tiny – but tastey!

I’m trying a few sweet potatoe vines. I’m looking forward seeing what (if anything) under the vines. This is not exactly sweet potato country, so this is a little bit of an experiment. 

The borage and calendula provide some colour as well as nice teas for me – and happiness for the bees.

A little cute little Johnny-jump-up peaking up through the sage.

And Razmataz sunflowers!  

We probably have still another month or more before the garden goes to bed for the winter.  For now, I’ll focus on savouring the sights, sound and smells as well as the produce.

Feeling the Connection


On a recent hike, just as the trail opened onto a headland we came upon this “Inukshuk Garden”. These stone structure are traditionally used by the Inuit to mark a place and say that someone had been here. This particular trail is a long way from the land on the Inuit, but has obviously inspired fellow travelers to share that they have been here. Here. In this place.
We also felt inspired to leave one of our own …

Weekly photo challenge: Connecton