The Optimist

My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair.  So, let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world. – Jack Layton


Looking for a meal in a snowstorm.

WPC – optimistic


All’s Quiet on Waterfront

With a half hour to spend between visiting the Farmer’s Market (every Thursday morning) and the opening of the wool shop (they’re having a sale!), I took myself for stroll along the waterfront yesterday. Why don’t you come with me?

It’s a “working waterfront” all year around, but a lot quieter this time of year than, say, the hight of tourist season.

The golf course, across the harbour, does double duty as the community’s sledding hill in winter.

Hey you, pigeon!

Playing with reflections.

The Dory Shop.  I could hear boat building going on inside.
 Ironworks Distillery, housed in a former blacksmith shop.  The store may be closed, but smoke from the chimney suggests the still is working and there’s something brewing.

It’s soon time to take down the Christmas decorations. This Christmas “tree” is made from old lobster traps, and was a popular family/group photo spot over the holidays.

Time to go. Just one last glance.  So peaceful and lovely.