Bags packed. 

Cat delivered. 

Delayed flight endured. 

Bland breakfast served after sleepless night. 

Long walk from plane to customs completed. 

Rewarded by the English countryside in springtime. I wonder where this road will take us……

WPC- wanderlust 



We have come to learn that beaches are living things. 
In the summertime, at one of our local beaches, the sand is soft and warm and goes on forever. But in winter, it all disappears!!!  It’s a little alarming the first time you experience it. 

I have no idea where it goes (…maybe south…). But I do know that we can count on it to return when the weather warms up. 

In the meantime, there is no shortage of exposed, beautiful, smooth beach stones. In fact, the beach is crowded with them!

WPC- Dense