An Historic Edge

The edge of the roof on St John’s Anglican Church, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. 

Some of you may remember that this lovely lady suffered a devastating fire onHallowe’en  night, 2001. This site has been a place of worship ever since the Town of Lunenburg was settled in 1753.  It would have been an easy decision to tear down what remained, and build a spanking new church in its place. So, it is a great credit to the community (of the church, the town, the province and the country) that the decision was taken to do the right thing – not the easy thing. Instead, a massive and completely sympathetic restoration  was undertaken and completed in 2005.  

And here she stands. Lovely on a foggy September evening. 


Academic Reflection

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it” – Edith Wharton


One of the beautiful buildings surrounding Harvard Yard is reflected in a window of the Harvard Memorial Church. 聽The church stands at one end of the Yard, opposite the Widener Library – to dramatic effect.


Photos were taken in 2014 as I wandered the grounds. I felt smarter just standing there! 聽And looking at these photos makes me feel it’s time for another visit.

WPC – Mirror

Where I Had Lunch Today…. August 31, 2016

On a rock … near Stonehurst, Nova Scotia. We paddled our trusty canoe out of Blue Rocks till we found this perfect picnic spot. 


A Natural Partnership!

A bumble bee and a plum blossom – the perfect partnership!

WPC – Partners 



This scene is part of my morning commute. This beautiful Lunenburg Dory greets me in the morning and again in the afternoon. 

Now, I am not a morning person.  Slow to rise, and constantly underestimating the time it takes to get out the door generally makes for a rushed, and frazzled drive to work. I have always been that way. 

When I see scenes like this one, where the water is calmand the morning light is perfect, I regret not having the time for a photo. No time to stop. 

But on this particular morning (last Wednesday) I couldn’t resist.  I could not. I pulled over, hauled out my phone, quickly snapped the shot, then rushed off.  Not a second to spare to check the photo.

Later, however, when I caught my breath,  I was glad I stole the moment.  Maybe, tomorrow I’ll get up a bit earlier 馃槈 .

WPC – spare


This is “The May”

It’s a little difficult to believe. 聽For me, anyway. 聽But here we are … Looking the end of May in the eye. 聽I’m just not quite sure how that happened so quickly. The garden has been busy! 聽It seems to have gone from dormant, winter mode into full-on spring/summer growing season within days! 聽Okay, maybe weeks.

Let’s take a quick walk around and see what has been happening this month:

The primula and …

聽The bluebells are showing off.

聽The forsythia is almost finished, but the hardy kiwi is leafing out.

聽In the kitchen garden, the garlic is well up,

聽The parsley has returned – it doesn’t always make it through the winter – and …

聽The asparagus looks like it’s dancing! 聽I covered the early sprouts with a cloche to protect them from pillaging chickens. 聽And it worked! 聽This meager offering is my best asparagus crop. Ever. But don’t they look funny?

聽The apples are blossoming, and …

So are my darling haskaps.

We had the first bud break in the vineyard yesterday. 聽I think this is the Baco Noir. (Note to self – label vines!)

A family friend refers to this time of year – when the choke cherry trees blossom, the maple buds swell, and the tender young leaves start to emerge; when the landscape looks frothy – as “The May”. 聽A lovely, and promising description.

But! 聽Enough of this! 聽There is work to be done…

聽By the looks of that rhubarb, I have some harvesting, chopping, freezing and preserving to do. 聽I’m off ……



The Earthworm plows the whole world with his tunnels, drains and aerates the earth …If you ever buy any land, be sure it has plenty of Earthworms toiling and moiling all day so that you can sit down and relax. – Will Cuppy

I disturbed this lovely fella while I was weeding around my emerging peonies.  We greeted earth other, them both went back to work.

Linked with WPC – Earth and iPhriday (with my iPhone 6S)