Soft & Strong

The soft, fluffy down of a baby chick.

This little girl has gumption!  

Her mama abandoned her nest just days before the egg was due to hatch. The egg was cold; we didn’t know if was still viable. But we took the chance and cobbled together an incubator out of a styrofoam cooler and a light bulb (Thanks again Internet).  

Right on schedule we heard chirping!  But a day later, nothing more than a wee hole in the egg. She seemed to be struggling, so we peeled back the shell and helped her out.  Back in into the incubator she went, to stay warm and dry off. 

After a day or so, we tried to introduce her to her mama.  Maybe there was still some maternal instinct left?  Nope. The hen pecked the chick till she bled. 

We rescued her again. 

Now she is in a brooder in our laundry room chirping her little head off. My husband says she tweets more than Donald Trump. 

We might call her Twitter. 

WPC –Texture

Today Was A Good Day

Exploring the sea caves at the Ovens Natural Park.

The Ovens Park is known for its beautiful setting, including the majestic sea caves, it’s history as a gold rush community (1861) and music.  It is owned by the Chapin Family (extended family of Harry Capin), so you can count on lots of great music almost every evening in the summertime.  But today we came too see the caves. Of course we kept an eye out for the glitter of gold.

 According to one of our oldest legends, a young Mi’kmaq entered one of the caves with his canoe and emerged on the other side of Nova Scotia through a subterranean passageway.

The concrete stairway leading to the viewing platform and the entrance to Canon Cave was poured in the 1960’s by three workmen mixing and hauling 2000 buckets of concrete….. All by hand.

What a Day! Two hours we spent hiking and touring the caves! It was an impulsive decision in the middle of the afternoon.  The finest kind!