Dinnertime in Blue Bay, Curaçao

It’s one of those bucket list things. Dinner on a beach. I’m not talking fish n chips, here (although that can be pretty perfect, too) I’m talking dressing up, fine dining, cocktails, and all with toes in the sand.  So when we discovered that our holiday rental had access to this pretty beach – a beach with three (3!!) restaurants … We couldn’t resist.  We treated ourselves tonight.

It was just an added bonus to practically have the place to ourselves.  This must be a shoulder season, or something.

I opted for fish – red snapper and lobster risotto.  How’s this for presentation?

Looks great, but to be honest it wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had. Or, for that matter, the best meal I’ve had in this island.  It was fine – I’m not complaining.  But the blackened goat with rice and beans from a food truck was amazing.  (Sadly, no picture … Too busy eating).

I guess my tastes lean to simpler things.  Like last nights supper. Cheese, bread and avacado with a cold beer.  THAT hit the spot after a very hot day spent exploring.

When it comes to venues, however,  tonight’s dinner on the beach is difficult to top.

WPC – Dinnertime