You know what’s sweet?

Maple syrup!

You know what’s really sweet?

When the maple syrup comes from your own back yard!

And, you know what’s EVEN sweeter?

When the maple sap starts to run earlier in the season than usual, and you manage to figure that out before it’s too late! 😀

You see, typically, the sap starts to run in mid-March. And it’s those days when the temps are above 5C in today and well below freezing at night that triggers the sap to glow up the tree. But we all know, (of us, everywhere!) that weather patterns are bonkers, do we must remain vigilant and observant.

In early February, I noticed the maple buds starting to swell and took a chance. Taps in trees – buckets under taps – sap boiled down (40 litres of sap = 1 litre of syrup). And, voila!!

Our own Maple Syrup! SWEET!!!

Victory in Harvest


900 pounds of grapes!  This year’s grape harvest represented a brilliant victory for our little vineyard.  Last year, raccoons had a bit of a party just a few nights before harvest.  They left us with 320 pounds of fruit.  Nice, eh? We are struggling to figure out how they managed to compromise the electric fencing, but they did it.  This year, however, we were vigilant – patrolling the fencing every evening and morning for the weeks before harvest – and it payed off beautifully.


That 320 pounds took us all day to pick; we were a team of just two – one removing the bird netting, one picking grapes.  This year however. we were joined by family and friends to make a bit off a party of our own.  Not only were we finished by early afternoon, we had lots of fun together.


Take that raccoons!  This year, it was our turn!

WPC – Victory

Gone But Not Forgotten



A photo of some of our Seyvel Blanc grapes on Harvest Day (October).  I’m looking forward to re-uniting with them next summer on my deck, when they will be in my glass of Tidal Bay.  Gone, but certainly not forgotten! 😉

If all be true that I do think,

there are five reasons we should drink.

Good friends, good times,

or being dry, or least we should be by and by,

and any other reason why” – a toast