Adding “Versatile” to the resume……


Stars in my eyes!! Such an unexpected gift!! Thanks so much to Lifestyles with Lia for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.   You are very kind.  I’ll do my best to life up to it.  🙂

Here are the guidelines for “The Versatile Blogger Award”:

Show the award on your blog.
Thank the person who nominated you.
Share seven facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 blogs.
Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.


So…. 7 things about me:

1.  I’m an aspiring minimalist…..but I can’t seem to let go of too much stuff at once.  So, slowly…ever so slowly, I’m working my way through years of accumulation and settling for being a “medium-ist” for the moment.

2. I love music!  But I’m not at all muscial.  I never, ever sing…unless I’m complely, utterly alone. And even then, I’m a little nervous.

3.  I love spending time by myself. (….of course, I also love time with family & friends….) It’s all about balance.

4.  I also love meeting new people.  I get a bit of a thrill out of making a new friend.

5.  When I’m alone, I have a habit of taking on tasks that should probably wait.  For instance, just back from a trip to the Osteopath to pop a rib back in its proper place, I’m inspired to move a queen sized mattress two flights upstairs.  Today.  By myself!  Even though I know it is illogical…..I move ahead with the project. (the mattress in question is presently wedged mid-way up the second staircase…and the day isn’t over, yet!)

6.  I really, really don’t like being cold.  And yet, I love living in this place, which is a cold place. (-20C today…..oh! so cooooold!!) But then…it is January …. and this is Canada.

7.  Although I’m looking mid-life square in the eye and have 2 university degrees, I don’t feel like I’m completely finished with formal education. I enjoy searching university calendars for interesting courses of study, but haven’t actually signed up for one in over (OMG) 25 years. But hey!  You never know!

 Now its my turn to make some nominations.  Just as Lia did, I will nominate 2 bloggers:

A Sawyer’s Daughter and Vero in Boston

Drop by and visit these sites…’ll be glad you did! 🙂

Back in the Saddle, or…Life Lessons Learned Cycling

It seemed like a good idea at the time. It was early September, the boys were re-installed in college, the weather was glorious, we had taken the week off work and it was my birthday week. What to do with all those gifts? For us,the answer was to grab a mini holiday in Prince Edward Island (before coming home to paint the exterior of the house…well some of it….that’s a story for another day).

The first thing we did after checking into the hotel, was to rent a couple of bicycles. We wanted to see “if we still had it” – we used to do quite a bit of cycling before children and dog. The plan was simple; one day on the Confederation Trail – ride out to a cafe for a lovely lunch, then back to the hotel. Just one day, to confirm that cycling was back in our lives.

Here are lessons I learned (or was reminded of) while cycling that day:

1. Listen Closely to People with Experience. The chap at the rental shop said that my proposed itinerary was “…doable. But eat a hearty lunch before the return. And prepare for some headwinds in the afternoon.” I thought that was an endorsement of my plan….but now see it might have been more of a warning.

2. Read Carefully. Suffice to say, if the place is called “Hillsborough”, there may be some rises in your future. (one in particular was 500 meters up, up, up)

3. Accept That Every Free Downhill Coast Must be Earned First….By an Uphill slog.

4. Be Prepared. After a 40 km ride, we found the destination cafe was closed! The Information Centre across the road was also closed! And the one other couple we saw, and approached for advice…didn’t speak english. Luckily I had thought to pop a couple of apples and a piece of cheese in my pack before leaving. That was our only fuel between breakfast and dinner…a 10 hour span.

5. When Faced With an Uphill Battle, It Can Be Managed one Small Bit at a Time. “If I can just get to the next driveway…..”

6. From Time to Time You Will Smell A Skunk. PEI has lots of skunks….enough said.

7. Downhill is Fast, Fun and Unpredictable.

8. Just When You Think You Can Take Your Feet Off The Petals And Coast a Bit…You Will Face a Headwind.

9. Maintain Focus And Keep Your Eyes on Your Goal. For me, it was the complimentary glass of wine promised by the hotel at 5pm. (and we made it in time!!)

10. Don’t Take Things Too Seriously. A good sense of humour will carry you through.

Admittedly, we took on a little too much of a ride for the first one in years. And for sure, it was a bit grueling in parts. But the weather was stunning, the scenery was beautiful, we had each other and, frankly, no other choice but to finish the ride. So, we did it! (Must more fit than we thought) Next up… purchase a couple of snazzy new bicycles of our own.