Artistic Quest

Quest: /kwest/ a long or arduous search for something. Late Middle English from Old  French queste (noun). – OED

I wouldn’t call it an arduous search, particularly. But my quest to find my artistic style (or voice?) has certainly been a long one.  Life-long, in fact. 

These days I’m exploring sketchbooking through on-line classes. The idea is to develop a daily creative practice.  I can’t quite say that I’ve made it a daily activity (yet) but I’ve learned such a lot through this format. If you try it (and I’d recommend it to any one), beware – it’s addictive!

 This evening I followed instructor Liz Steel’s demonstration on drawing a tea cup. I couldn’t resist giving it a go myself. And whoosh!  An hour and a half slipped by, just like that!