We have come to learn that beaches are living things. 
In the summertime, at one of our local beaches, the sand is soft and warm and goes on forever. But in winter, it all disappears!!!  It’s a little alarming the first time you experience it. 

I have no idea where it goes (…maybe south…). But I do know that we can count on it to return when the weather warms up. 

In the meantime, there is no shortage of exposed, beautiful, smooth beach stones. In fact, the beach is crowded with them!

WPC- Dense


It is one of the great coincidences of nature that lobster season here happens at the same time as the holodays.  It follows that lobster is big part of many culinary traditions.  My grandparents often served lobster as the first course at Christmas Dinner.  I know folks for whom Christmas Eve (or New Years Eve) wouldn’t be the same without a feast of lobster, complete with pots of drawn(melted) butter, soft bread rolls and coleslaw (and perhaps some sparkling wine).  Mmmmmmm!


One of our boys has shellfish allergy, so don’t tend toward these traditions.  And in a way, that makes this gift all the more special!

At 4am this morning a very generous neighbour, who just happens to be a lobster fisherman, headed out to pull his traps.  It’s a cold, harsh, dangerous profession, for sure.  But around 4pm this afternoon, he surprised us with a gift of four “sea bugs” (1.5 &2 pounds each).

As you probably know, it’s essential to cook lobsters live, so we went to work immediately.  (Steaming is our preferred method.) You can’t really get much fresher (these guys were walking around the North Atlantic Ocean floor this morning), and you can’t get much more local. We are so grateful!


Now, if you’ll excuse me …… We have a feast to share.  (Son #1 is having leftover turkey 😉)

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