A Wobbily Door

The bitter cold of this (so far) snow-free January let up yesterday. I could NOT resist taking a nice long “Thinking Walk” (to borrow a phrase from Winnie the Pooh).

I was rewarded with this beauty of a fishing shed and her wobbily door.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t alone. Lots of dog walkers. I bet most doggies protested two days ago when the wind chill was -20C. But yesterday was a glorious 10c above. And out we all trotted!

(Honestly, a girl has to have a flexible wardrobe to get through winters here.)

The crows were plentiful, too. They were calling to each other, foraging in the grasses and even, like this one, stopping to rest and appreciate.

At least that’s what I like to think he was doing. Or maybe he had me under surveillance.

Crows know things.

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A Christmas Day Walk

One of our favourite traditions is meeting with a particular friend for a walk on the beach on Christmas Day, in the afternoon. It’s the perfect antidote to (an excessively sugary) breakfast – making room for a grand feast later. 

This friend is my husband’s childhood buddy. He was best man at our wedding. He is like an uncle to our boys. 

We haven’t manage to meet every single Christmas. But this year – today- we did. And it was spectacular! A beautiful, sunny and mild Christmas Day. But boy! Was it windy!  The wind blew sand in our faces as we walked westward. So we took shelter in the woods – opting to follow the path around the headland. A very pretty option. 

A Christmas Day with family and friends.

“A friend is someone you share the path with” – African Proverb

Secret Door

Is there really a door in there? 

I walked passed this hidden door 6 times before I noticed it. Six times along the sidewalk, brushing the privet hedge. I am now alert to doorways (thanks to Norm!) and was appreciating the variety of doors on this street in Burlington, VT when this one called out to me. 

Suddenly I noticed an opening in the hedge … And I had to have a closer look …

Yes!  That’s a door.  Complete with mail slot.  

How intriguing!! 

All’s Quiet on Waterfront

With a half hour to spend between visiting the Farmer’s Market (every Thursday morning) and the opening of the wool shop (they’re having a sale!), I took myself for stroll along the waterfront yesterday. Why don’t you come with me?

It’s a “working waterfront” all year around, but a lot quieter this time of year than, say, the hight of tourist season.

The golf course, across the harbour, does double duty as the community’s sledding hill in winter.

Hey you, pigeon!

Playing with reflections.

The Dory Shop.  I could hear boat building going on inside.
 Ironworks Distillery, housed in a former blacksmith shop.  The store may be closed, but smoke from the chimney suggests the still is working and there’s something brewing.

It’s soon time to take down the Christmas decorations. This Christmas “tree” is made from old lobster traps, and was a popular family/group photo spot over the holidays.

Time to go. Just one last glance.  So peaceful and lovely.